quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2008

Tradução eh soh pedir =D


Rescue me from those spell books
From my cold, dark and silent dome
Come with hugs I am not familiar
I have been ever closed inside
Come the right way or you will make me strike you
Come patiently or I will have to flee

Please don’t turn on the lights so fast
My eyes aren’t used to them yet
If you call me, do it as a whisper
Kiss in silence, make it harmonious
This is all I want you to do
Come to understand all my fears

If you are not afraid the graveyard
You can to visit me at night
I promise I will behave

When winter comes and the snow make me disappear
And I fear you can not find me
Beyond the corpses I don’t rest in peace
Just waiting the summer make me hot again
Then I will get over the ground
And I will break the gate to meet you

Even if I have to crawl along the streets
Wherever you are I’ll be too
I’m your guardian angel

It hurts when you look me as I’m a monster
As I’m different from you
In the end, we will be the same

One day you all will be like me
Just a rotten body without a heart to beat

Please don’t act as you don’t know me
I still love you, remember the words
You wrote in my gravestone

While you live I will haunt you
Until you look me as you did before
This way I will rest in peace