segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

Ying Yang

Baby I use to look so independent
It's me and the sun upon our heads
and a bight place for sunglasses

And I use to look enough for myself
Like I don't care what you feel
I must say It's a half true

But it's when the nights come erlier
and the days rise up so gray
that I miss you next to me

It's when it falls so cold
that I miss your hot chest
I won't say it much loud
But I miss you half of time

Forget my words if the sky is clear
everything I need is a little bit of speed
there's no place for feellings in the wind

What did you though I was?
I can have your warm with some alcohol
And a dancy underground music

But sometimes when the beat stops
It’s strange don’t having your shoulders to hang in
And I notice that noise and drinks are not enough

It’s when it rains and the world looks serious
That I miss you wet with me
I won't say it much loud
But I miss you half of time

I got a bad deal with our unfinished past
Guess I’ll never decide if It’s a good idea to end it
Cuz Honey, I can’t decide if I love you
Or if my freedom is a better busyness

But half time I do love you, and miss you
And the other part I’m spending my time getting crazy
There are two souls inside this body
I’ll tell you when one of them die