terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009

Fake, Parte I (naum inventei a segunda ainda huahuahua)

I'm gonna search for some beaultiful photo and then
create a profile with it, it's so cute!
the problems is the guy in the photo is not me.

Actually, I've never seen this guy before
I just think that his looking is ok
And since then my popularity just grew and grew

If you dont like it, protect your pics!
be sure you won't be one of the victims
If you guess yourself the man
Soon I will steal all your fans

The flashes you got now shines to me
You should've act a few more carefully
to don't be the target of a fake!

The problem is knowing where I end and you start
the problem is knowing till when I'll keep this lie
the problem is the reality when I have to disfarce
the problem is living to lives