quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2013

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like you're nothing but a missing puzzle piece
and there's no belonging and there is not a fucking thing that you can reach?
Baby you make me feel right like this
as a curse for something that I never did
Maybe I'm doomed

Have you ever seen eyes shinning like the biggest star in a moonless night
that turns you wonderwork and makes you feel so lucky for meeting them?
baby you make me feel right like this
as treasure for something that is not with me
Maybe I'm doomed

Maybe, baby, it’s not sad enough to say you I’m dying
Maybe I will really need to die
Before you look at me again
Before you talk to me again
you’ll need to have my blood in your clothes
Yes, it worth
Yes, it worth

Have you ever felt like you’re addicted to a behavior You’ve been hating until now
And like you just cant avoid seeing demons with eyes closed and imagining they’re pretty in light?
Baby you make me feel insecure
As If I never lost anything before
Maybe I'm doomed

Have you ever felt like you’ve been spending your life cuz your heart is nothing but ruins
And you will never fix cuz you give it before to someone who treats it just like trash?
Baby, hearts are not used cups
You just have one of them so you better take care
Maybe you are doomed

Maybe, baby, the truth is about you having no heart
Or about you don’t know how to use
Or about you just don’t give a fuck
Or about It’s me who have to learn
That you don’t deserve anything

Does it worth?

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